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Multi Dry and Air Dry: Natural Dry Dehumidifier

Goodbye to musty smells and mould

For many damp is the perennial problem that just will not go away. Many of the commonly available solutions are either expensive or ineffective and can be unsuitable for use with children or pets. At last, a reliable solution that does not cost the Earth!

Multi Dry and Air Dry use natural granules that help to regulate the climate, absorbing humidity when it reaches above 60% relative humidity and even re-releasing it if the air becomes too dry! A product of German engineering, the unique design locks in moisture for a drip-safe solution - so no risk of damaging furnishings. Once saturated, simply dry on a radiator or in an oven or airing cupboard.

The natural materials make this a safe solution for children and pets and, with no noise, both versions are great for use at night.

Multi Dry is ideal for use in the home - from wardrobes to window sills. The item is small and discrete with a 600ml capacity.

Air Dry is ideal for problem areas like cars, caravans, boats or even on top of the tumble dryer. Each of the twin-pack will absorb 500ml and, while one is hard at work, the other can be dried.

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Multi-Dry: Natural Dry Dehumidifier
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Air-Dry: Natural Dry Dehumidifier
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Technical Info
  • German engineered, climate regulating technology
  • Absorbs humidity above 60% relativity and automatically re-releases moisture when the atmosphere is too dry.
  • Endlessly reusable - simply dry out on a radiator or in an oven
  • Drip-safe and child and pet friendly - all with no running noise
  • Multi Dry: Ideal for the home with a 600ml capacity and just 35 x 16 x 9 cm
  • Air Dry: Ideal for the car with 2 x 500ml capacity and just 48 x 18 x 3 cm
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