Plug Through Charging Station

A spiders web of chargers are a common sight in many peoples homes as many of smart phones, tablets and e-book readers require their nightly charge. If you are lucky enough to find a free socket, your expensive device is often left precariously balanced or in a prime position to be trodden upon.

Our clever charging station offers a useful USB point without the loss of that valuable socket. Simply plug the station into the USB socket and place your device in the handy holder for a neat, safe solution.

Smart phones can be efficiently charged using the 5v, 1A output and devices requiring a little more ‘juice’ can be plugged into the conventional socket. You can even charge two devices using the USB point and socket simultaneously.

Finished in Pearl white, the useful holder will accommodate devices measuring 7x2cm - larger using the innovative cut-out - and can support up to 180g.

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Plug Through Charging Station

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