360° Large LED Bulb (8W)

It has been said that behind every great man there's a great woman. Less controversially, we'd say behind every great light there's a great bulb! Our new LED bulbs have been carefully designed to offer all the benefits of new, energy saving technology and a high level of light quality, without losing the versatility of traditional bulbs.

Lasting up to 15,000 hours, our opaque bulb gives 680 Lumens of brightness at 8 Watts - all with no heat! In simples terms a brighter light at a fraction of the power consumption of a traditional 60 Watt bulb. Close work and reading become easier as our bulb provides light equivalent to noon daylight (6,400 Kelvin) and offers excellent colour reproduction (80 CRI) - all helping to reduce eye strain and headaches.

Retaining the traditional shape, our bulb offers 360¶ø light by using a clever 90 LED dice arrangement. For added safety, the glass is silicone coated to offer some resistance to lifes little knocks and drops.

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360° Large LED Bulb (8W)

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